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05 Blue hour ft. Julianna Barwick Julianna Barwick (Vocals)Mike Andrews (Granular Synthesis)Amir (Viola)Sunny (Additional Production)Alexander Thompson (Engineer)
Release date: 2022-08-24 GB-5P5-22-00446
Origin Time Activity Inputs
MD 02:07 23h ago close-up, woods, plants
CA 22:34 3d ago tunnel, flowers, desert
US 11:24 4d ago still life, close-up, flowers
NL 01:21 8d ago mountains, woods, walking
KZ 22:33 10d ago walking, flowers, desert
KZ 22:32 10d ago people, desert, dancing
KZ 22:32 10d ago people, walking, desert
RU 19:22 10d ago city, walking, people
US 09:19 11d ago woods, nature, mountains
CN 16:17 15d ago close-up, plants, city
Track info
07 We are ft. Hyukoh OHHYUK (Vocals)Martyn (Additional Drum Production)HYUKOH (Guitar, Bass, Synth)Sunny (Additional Production)
Release date: 2022-09-07 GB-5P5-22-00448
Origin Time Activity Inputs
KZ 22:30 10d ago desert, tunnel, flowers
RU 19:20 10d ago plants, desert, walking
US 09:31 21d ago plants, mountains, city
GB 09:54 26d ago mountains, road, still life
GB 21:28 27d ago car, desert, walking
Track info
09 Look both ways ft. Pink Siifu Pink Siifu (Vocals)Amir (Viola)Scoop Deville (Additional Drum Production)D-Styles (Cuts)
Release date: 2022-09-28 GB-5P5-22-00450
Origin Time Activity Inputs
VN 03:19 12d ago walking, flowers, still life
Track info
08 Condition ft. Toro y Moi Chaz Bear (Vocals, Piano)Mike Andrews (Synth)Amir (Viola)Sunny (Additional Production)Alexander Thompson (Engineer)
Release date: 2022-10-19 GB-5P5-22-00449
Origin Time Activity Inputs
VN 05:13 32d ago tunnel, walking, close-up
GB 12:09 40d ago woods, close-up, car
Track info
10 All over ft. Panda Bear Panda Bear (Vocals)Mike Andrews (Clavinet, Guitar, Synth)Sunny (Additional Production)Alexander Thompson (Engineer)
Release date: 2022-10-25 GB-5P5-22-00451
Origin Time Activity Inputs
CN 20:01 7d ago plants, mountains, people
Track info
12 Different life ft. Eyedress Eyedress (Vocals, Synth)Mike Andrews (Synth)Sunny (Additional Production)
Release date: 2022-10-28 GB-5P5-22-00453
Origin Time Activity Inputs
CH 19:04 9d ago nature, mountains, still life
VN 05:12 32d ago people, flowers, desert
Singles All tracks Tour dates Vinyl preorder
01Continua ft. Duval GB-5P5-22-00442 03:10
02My soul or something ft. Kazu Makino GB-5P5-22-00443 03:53
03Process GB-5P5-22-00444 03:02
04Woodland ft. serpentwithfeet GB-5P5-22-00445 04:04
05Blue hour ft. Julianna Barwick GB-5P5-22-00446 03:31
06Grasp ft. Coby Sey, Slauson Malone & Sam Gendel GB-5P5-22-00447 02:38
07We are ft. Hyukoh GB-5P5-22-00448 03:45
08Condition ft. Toro y Moi GB-5P5-22-00449 03:31
09Look both ways ft. Pink Siifu GB-5P5-22-00450 02:57
10All over ft. Panda Bear GB-5P5-22-00451 03:00
11Skyline GB-5P5-22-00452 03:13
12Different life ft. Eyedress GB-5P5-22-00453 03:23

All songs Written, Performed, Arranged, Produced and Mixed by Jason W. Chung
Mastered by Mike Bell at Dark Art Mastering

Artwork and Art direction by Eric Hu
Website by Ben Wegscheider / Bureau Cool
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